Astro Baby Rescue (c.2014)

What is Astro Baby Rescue?

Astro Baby Rescue was a mobile game for Android that never managed to see the light of day. It’s a really simple game. You are an animal in space. You dodge angry asteroids. You catch the babies. you die a lot. Maybe you get addicted to catching babies.

The game made it to the playable prototype stage but we decided it was too boring to actually release. We chalked up the experience to experience.

Who else worked on ABR?

The programming and the initial design were done by Justin Kendall of PolyOxyl Entertainment. We expanded the design and developed the premise together but eventually we divided labor such that Justin would program the game and I would do everything else.

Can I play ABR?

If you have an Android system and know how to run an unsupported APK, then you go ahead. It’s not particularly fun but it’s a little fun. Plus, it’s got placeholder ads instead of real ads.

Download here:

What’s this music?

That’s a slightly edited version of “Games” by my music project, Competitor Product.

Does Astro Baby Rescue have a story? What is it?

We picked the premise out to be cute but eventually, we started to see the elements of our game as meaningful and significant. The angry asteroids were not enemies because they were evil, but because they were misunderstood. The babies became important for mysterious reasons. The animal heroes? They were martyrs suffering at the hand of an unknown cause.

We were going to explore it more but now we think you can explore it more.

Anyway, here’s most of the art I did for that project.

Promotional Images
ABR_Watercolor_Facebook (Medium)ABR_Watercolor3  ABR_Watercolor2_alttext ABR_PixelSplash3AstroBabyPainting_01_PinkBaby AstroBabyPainting_02_BlockAsteroid AstrobabyPainting_03_TwoSadAsteroidsastrobabyposterweb


In-Game Assets

Digital Painting